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Local Mom is inspired by picky kids to create new restaurant

Local Mom is inspired by picky kids to create new restaurant

“I want to leave a behind a legacy for generations to come”

Jacci Castille is a self-proclaimed ‘Spuds Specialist,’ and this Army veteran and native San Antonian knows how to spice up a starch!

Castille owns and operates Jacked! Potato. Jacked! Potato exclusively serves various baked potato recipes. Menu items include ‘Holy Cow!’ (with shredded roast beef soaked in Jank BBQ sauce) and ‘Strap!’ (with meatballs, marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese). Castille does offer salad on the menu; although she admits “this is for the spud haters.”

We spoke with Jacci about her company and her thoughts on owning a business. The initial idea for Jacked! Potato was born after Castille was forced to experiment with pasta and potato recipes. “My children are picky meatless eaters,” shares Castille. After a stint as a systems analyst for a children’s hospital, she made the decision to test the waters and see if she could capitalize on her cooking experience. In November 2018, Jacked! Potato was born. Today, Castille most enjoys crafting comfort food for customers and leaving a smile on their faces.

We had the chance to ask Jacci about what makes her a successful entrepreneur. “I’m resilient; like the little engine that could.” Castille’s grandfather, James H. Ball, was also a business owner and Jacci attributes her drive and work ethic to him. Ultimately, Castille summarizes her responsibilities as a business owner into an acronym appropriately entitled ‘S.P.U.D.S’: Service, Purpose, Unity, Diversity, and Success. Her professional background encompasses a wide variety of services and industries, ranging from IT to medical and now Jacked! Potato. Throughout it all, Castille’s goal has remained steadfast: “providing exceptional customer service was always a goal, no matter my employer.”

Moving forward, Castille aims to make Jacked! Potato a prominent national franchise. She shares: “I want to leave behind a legacy for generations to come.” As for fellow business owners, Castille encourages them to attend ‘Launch SA,’ which “is focused on building a community for entrepreneurs to build a sustainable support network for people pursuing their passions and creating opportunities for themselves and their families.” Jacci appreciates the work Launch SA does for her and her fellow small business owners; “Ryan Salts and his team are amazing. They will help you from idea to launch.” Castille also finds value in finding a mentor who can help business owners throughout their journey. Most importantly, “Be very patient and DO NOT GIVE UP! On the outside, a business can seem to be seamlessly running smoothly. On the inside, it takes a great leader to guide and support a great team to make the flow work.”

Jacked! Potato is set to have its grand opening this February. Be sure to check it out and enjoy the ‘spudelicious’ potatoes prepared by Jacci Castille and her team at Jacked! Potato. Jacked! Potato was brought to their first location by retail leasing specialist La’Cee Paxton from Foresite Commercial Real Estate in San Antonio. “Jacci’s passion for her customer and her product is infectious and I am excited to see her be very successful” shares Paxton.

Jacked! Potato will be located at: 8340 FM 78 Suite #4, Converse, TX.

For more information, visit the Jacked! Potato Website. Also, be sure to follow Jacked! Potato on Facebook and Instagram.

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