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3 Things Employees Look for in A Workplace

3 Things Employees Look for in A Workplace

You can’t please everyone, but these 3 insights make a massive difference in today’s workplace.

Where is your business located, and how did it get there? Maybe you started it in your garage, like Amazon, or in a coworking space. Everyone starts somewhere, but eventually it will become time for your business to either move out and expand or even just update its look.

You will have a lot on your plate when this happens. Aside from the logistics that come with moving an entire office, you need to ensure that people are going to be happy and like their new workspace.

If you are moving because of growth, it might make things tough on you. More employees means more opinions and different preferences within your workplace. It will be up to you to gather input from your team and find out what will be best for your employees. Regardless of your reason for a redesign, try your best to make them happy – it should come as no surprise that happiness has a direct correlation with productivity. To help you get the most out of your team, here are three things that they want in a workplace.


Every workplace has different requirements. Some creative studios might want to encourage collaboration between team members and opt for an open-concept office. Other offices might need their workers to have privacy and opt for a more traditional setup.

With different employees having differing feelings about both, a safe bet is to include a little bit of everything. Give your workers space to collaborate but also some space to concentrate if necessary.

Commercial real estate companies can help if you are having trouble finding exactly what you are looking for – the right one can help you find an office space that fits all of your requirements.

Personal Space

Employers have been hopping on the bandwagon for open-concept floor plans ever since Google’s renovation in 2005. An open floor plan costs less and can help improve communication and teamwork.

However, if you ask your employees, you will hear that they would rather have private offices. While open floor plans may make it easier to collaborate, they eliminate privacy and can be loud. Too many distractions can make it difficult for others to concentrate. Providing employees with personal space will make it easier for them to complete their tasks.

A study by Clutch found that the most important space for employees in an office is their personal space. Even in an open floor plan, your workers should have a spot to call their own.

Option to Work Remotely

You will always run the risk of employees getting burnt out, no matter how great your workplace is. HR companies can tell you all about the high cost of worker burnout – it can lead to higher healthcare costs, lower productivity, and turnover. Sometimes, employees need a break.

More than 83% of employees want to spend at least some of their time working in an office, but only 11% prefer to work in-office exclusively. The rest of your employees would enjoy the chance to work remotely, be it permanently or only occasionally.

If you are able to turn your office into more than just a workspace, it can persuade your remote workers to stop by more often than usual. A healthy and fun environment will encourage your workers to be more social, regardless of their main location.


When changing office locations, there are a lot of different factors you should consider. Get some insight from your employees on what they would see as an improvement to your office. Your workers will spend much of their time there, so you should make it as welcoming and appealing to as many of them as possible.

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